*** Miami ADDY Gold 2023 ***
*** Miami ADDY Judges’ Choice 2023 ***


Penguin make books for everyone, because a book can change anyone. But in today’s world, filled with visual media, books have fallen away from taking centre stage in pop culture.


Break books into the mainstream cultural conversation and play with their content in formats not traditionally associated with books to encourage occasional book buyers to engage with them on a deeper level.


Occasional book buyers who buy 3-5 books a year. They rely on book recommendations from others (social circle, influencers, traditional media, etc.)

They span a wide range of ages, but are engaged with cultural conversations and aware of the latest releases in other media, from television to content streaming.


To get people excited about reading again we dug into the reasons people consume stories through other media. By starting at the root of the problem, we were able to developed a concept that highlights the essence of the book – the story itself. Because people don’t want to commit to reading a book without knowing the story.

My Role: Strategy, Video & Animation

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