The global video game industry revenues are set to surpass 200 billion dollars for the first time


How can we make an unexpected but seamless brand collaboration?

(Some) Insights

46% of respondents use gaming as escapism

Gen Z are the most financially illiterate generation

There is a 40% year-on-year growth in Sims 4 players even though the game launched 5 years ago


get Gen Z to achieve financial goals by providing them a safe space to practice financial literacy with a trustworthy partner because adulting is hard


First, we will implement a guerilla campaign by eliminating the iconic money cheat code to call attention to the collaboration and new features. Step 2 targets occasional users through social media, leveraging collaborations with influential Sim Fluencers and tapping into the 2.1 million followers on Twitter. Lastly, step 3 aims to reach potential users through web banners to not only capture the attention of individuals familiar with the game, but also those interested in financial knowledge.

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